Contact info

If you wanna contact me for whatever reason, here's how to do it, in order of preference.


You can find me at koz (dot) ross (at) retro (dash) freedom (dot) nz.


I run a server over at I'm koz there, like everywhere else.


I spend time in various chans on Freenode. My usual haunts are:

I go by koz_ there, because koz was already taken.


NotABug is an open-source and privacy-friendly code hosting service, designed to be similar to GitHub in appearance and functionality. I can be found there as koz.ross; if you wanna comment on my projects, or send me a PR, that'd be great!


I have an account @KozRoss on Twitter, which I mostly use for information-gathering purposes.


I technically have a Github account, but it's almost entirely for PRs. If you want to look at it for some reason, it's here.